Revolutionising the Nursing Home – 21st Century Aged Care


Unlike the old perception of Nursing Homes, modern day aged care is so much more than a place for ‘nursing’, and Arcare Aged Care is at the forefront of the revolution.

Words Matter

According to AgedCareGuide, ‘language and how we define, and label people is an incredibly important part of aged care reform’. The words we use are important particularly when addressing the care and environment of residential aged care facilities, and the choices of residents that live in them.

When someone moves into the Residential Aged Care they are consumers of a service and should have active choice and participation in the decisions they make in their day to day lives, with the additional support they may need to achieve their goals. This reflects Standard 1 of the Aged Care Quality Standards: ‘Consumer Dignity and Choice’.

The term ‘nursing home’ does not paint this picture of modern-day care of senior Australians. The very term ‘nursing home’ inappropriately compares our vibrant elderly community to an infant who requires constant feeding, changing, and settling. ‘Nursing homes’ as a term do not promote the active independence and choice available to individuals when they move into a Residential Aged Care Home. Having our vulnerable senior population in a setting like that certainly would not appeal to many.

Arcare’s History – Forefront of Change

Arcare is an Australian government aged care provider with over 40 years-experience in Senior’s Living. When the Knowles brothers, together with Ian Ball, set out to disrupt the traditional ‘nursing home’ experience, they created a luxury aged care brand that has been the gold standard in residential aged care since 1997.

While nursing homes of the past dredge up imagery of empty sterile hallways akin to a hospital, Arcare Residences offer five-star hotel like facilities fit for any king or queen. The thought-out architecture, luxurious fittings and plush finishes take the ‘nursing’ out of home and replace it with independence and support.

In direct contradiction to the traditional Nursing Home environment, Arcare residences are architecturally designed and built to the highest standards. The amenities are state of the art with modern décor sourced globally by our interior design team.

Typical features of an Arcare residence include landscaped outdoor courtyards, a movie theatre, a worship room, hair salon, private dining room, activity centers, café and gymnasium – hardly the typical nursing home offering of old!

Practically, clients are always close to their essential living amenities and team members are supported with intelligent design that enables them to do their job in the most efficient manner possible.


21st Century Care – Dedicated Assignments

Arcare has been at the forefront of the movement, replacing the old ‘nursing home’ way of thinking with our award-winning Dedicated Assignments model. Our rosters are built to ensure consistent care is provided to our clients by small teams of dedicated team members. Unlike the stereotypical ‘nursing home’ model, these carefully selected pairings ensure true relationships are formed, and that familiarity is established, helping our clients feel comfortable in their new home.

Dedicated Assignments involve all team members committing to work regular shifts with exactly the same small group of clients every time they come to work – so clients will always know who will be supporting them during the day. Team members are informed that developing meaningful and interdependent relationships with clients, family and colleagues is their most important task.

This continuity allows for deep and trusting relationships to develop between client’s, team members and families, and is at the forefront of elder care globally.


Around Arcare

While the archaic nursing home model would see residents convalescing in their beds or rooms, Arcare’s model of care seeing Client’s out and about in their Residence Community enjoying communal lounge areas, a theatre and café’s on site.

The term ‘nursing home’ does not imply this choice is available and does not make the consumers active participation immediately evident. At Arcare, we prefer the term ‘Residence’, as this is our client’s homes, and Arcare is here to provide them with the support they need to lead a fulfilling life.


Choosing the right care for you

Traditional ‘nursing homes’ are angled towards a ‘one fits all’ approach. Arcare is equipped to offer resources that cater to specific care needs, including the provision of high care, low care and respite care vacancies.

When deciding on the right residence, a government assessment will detail your care needs. Talk to our team members about the right fit for you and your loved ones.


Finding the right fit

In comparison to traditional ‘nursing home’ environment, residents are empowered with the choice to pursue Diversional & Recreational Therapy interests and hobbies that aim to improve quality of life.

At Arcare Aged Care, it is not uncommon to form friendships with like-minded individuals that share the same interests. These friendships are formed through activities in the lifestyle program or interactions with team members.

The shift away from common nursing home practices includes the introduction of the ‘buddy program’ across Arcare. This initiative is voluntary, and resident led, with long term individuals at the residence who choose to assist with welcoming new residents into the community and settling them into their new home.


Join our Arcare Community

Arcare continues to lead the way by challenging traditional nursing home and taking it one step further to ensure an enriched supported lifestyle for all residents.

The safety of our Arcare communities is always paramount. Our skilled team members are equipped to provide high quality care to residents and have a proven track record of navigating our communities through challenging times. View our recent campaign on ‘Letters of Gratitude’ here.


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