10 March 2022

People of Arcare  – Marilyn Taylor

Meet Marilyn Taylor, Client Services Manager for Arcare Hope Island. Marilyn is passionate about helping people and has been working in various roles within Arcare for nine years assisting residents and families in navigating aged care. Marilyn highlights how @Arcare Aged Care is dedicated to the well-being of team members, residents and the broader aged care community.

Outside of work, Marilyn enjoys walking, gardening, spending time with family and being the best nana that she can be!


What is your role at Arcare?

Started out as General Service Manager at Arcare Slacks Creek in 2013, moved to Arcare Parkinson in 2016, then changed roles in 2019 to Client Service Manager.


How long have you been working at Arcare?

9 years


What do you enjoy about your role?

Being able to help Families place their loved ones in a beautiful facility.


How does this company differ from others you’ve worked for?

Their standards, recognition, and support of their Staff.


What do you love about Arcare and working in Aged Care?

Meeting with the families at the beginning of their journey trying to find placement for their loved ones in Aged Care. Knowing that if they were to choose Arcare that they will not be disappointed.  I love seeing the joy on both the Clients and families once they have settled in and the gratitude they show.


What are your favourite stories of working at your residence / with your team / with a client?

As I work across 3 sites, Hope Island, Sanctuary Manors, Pimpama, I get to meet and see many Team members and Clients.  Seeing how the Clients have settled into their new environments, joining in the activities, and making new friends. I love it when the clients say to me ‘I should have done this sooner and not waited so long’. The Clients never cease to amaze me with the stories of their life, their ‘pearls of wisdom’ and their talents. I am forever learning from them and forever grateful to them for sharing with me and being a part of my life.  Seeing team members join in a song or activity with the clients is beautiful.  You can see the relationship/bonds they have formed and the joy on the clients faces. This is what working in Aged Care is all about.


What tips or advice would you give to someone looking to work in Aged Care?

Just do it! You will not be disappointed with the satisfaction you will get each day, knowing you have been able to help someone or make someone smile or laugh.


What are your hobbies? What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Walking, Gardening, spending time with my Family


What is your special talent that you enjoy doing outside of work? How did you learn this talent?

Being the best Nana I can be!!


Can you share one fun fact about yourself? It could be an interesting experience that you had, a quirky talent or your favourite recipe.

I think growing up in the 60’s was all about FUN!!!  There were so many experiences riding bikes, playing in the local creeks, heading off on adventures with your friends as long as you were home before the Street Lights came on!!!