22 February 2022

People of Arcare – Satnam ‘Sam’ Singh

Meet Satnam ‘Sam’ Singh Lifestyle Coordinator at Arcare Essendon. He was fortunate enough to be one of the first in the new home so was able to be a part of the set up, and welcoming in the first residents.


What do you enjoy about your role and working in aged care?

I enjoy being able to bring joy to the residents, that’s my job, to engage with them and give them a daily purpose. The best part is hearing their life stories, I always learn so much and feel deeply when I hear their stories.


What is a memorable moment or story you recall working at your residence with either a resident or a team member? 

The wonderful thing about being able to welcome all the new residents is building bonds with them. I met one lady the day she arrived and as I sat with her listening to her tell me about her life and family she reached for my hand and held it tight. It was an emotional and powerful moment where I was reminded of the amazing privilege I have in my role and the difference we can all make by just simply listening.


What pearls of wisdom or words of encouragement do you live by?

My greatest pearl of wisdom I share often when someone is stressed or having a bad day is, “The good thing about time is that it always changes.” And words of encouragement I always try to make people feel valued and offer positive feedback.


What hobbies or interests do you have outside of work?

I enjoy cooking a lot, I love to cook for my wife, she is my biggest fan. We also love eating out, finding nice cozy spots to eat! And also spend quality time with my son Jacob.