22 November 2021

People of Arcare – Shainey Chisholm

To celebrate the diverse range of expertise in the Arcare community, we regularly interview team members to gain an insight on their work, motivations and thoughts on working at Arcare. Today we talk to Shainey Chisholm General Services Manager at the 5-star Arcare Knox.


  1. What is your name and what role/s at Arcare have you worked in?

I am Shainey Chisholm and I’ve worked as an Environmental Cleaner, Café Attendant, Roster Coordinator, Administrator and now as the General Services Manager. 


  1. What Arcare residence/s do you/have you worked at?

I have worked at a couple of sites over the years including Arcare Knox when it was just 30 beds, Arcare Carnegie for 2 years while waiting for the new Arcare Knox to be rebuilt and The Lodge.


  1. How long have you been working at Arcare?

15 years in January 2022.


  1. What do you enjoy about your role and working in aged care?

I think it’s good to have a supportive team around you. Covid has definitely presented challenges for the team over the past 18 months and we have all been able to adapt to the constant changes. The tasks required are always changing but the goal remains the same. I like to remind everyone to ‘Stay safe and keep smiling’. Just a simple ‘hello’ or a cheeky wave every morning can put a smile on someone’s face, even though they can’t see mine at the moment.


  1. What is a memorable moment or story you recall working at your residence with either a resident or a team member?

It’s very hard to pick out one story as they are all memorable in their own way.  The festivals that Knox have had over the years have all been fun. From Christmas and Easter events to barbecues and market days. To see families, team members and residents interact together is a wonderful and uplifting experience. It’s a special community here – we even made it onto the National News recently with a feel good story which everyone enjoyed!


  1. What pearls of wisdom or words of encouragement do you live by?

‘If you can’t do anything about, let it go. Don’t be a prisoner to the things you can’t change.’


  1. What hobbies or interests do you have outside of work?

Outside of work, I love being outside in the warmer months working in my garden. A morning spa on the weekend with a nice hot cuppa is great. I am quite crafty and have a dedicated room for all my sewing machines, patterns, needles, hooks, yarns and fabrics. I knit, crochet and sew. I’d like to learn how to quilt but that will come in time.

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