15 January 2021

#peopleofarcare – Joy Cadiz-Hinkley

#PeopleofArcare: Meet Joy Cadiz-Hinkley, Clinical Lead at Arcare North Lakes. With over 12 years of experience at  Arcare Aged Care, Joy speaks highly of her hardworking team at Arcare North Lakes.

Q. What do you enjoy about your role?

I enjoy being part of a close and hardworking team.

Q. How would you describe working in aged care?

I value that we all work together to make a positive difference every day with the residents and with each other within the team. I value that we become part of caring families and share friendships and learn new ways to overcome challenges together.

Q. Fondest memory so far in your Arcare journey?

Our North Lakes team received an award for community service from the Local Representative Luke Howarth a few years back. We also had an animal farm visit and I enjoyed seeing the wonder and enjoyment in everyone’s faces. We used to have monthly regular staff BBQs before the restrictions and everyone pitched in to do the cooking.

Q. What tips or advice would you give to those looking to work in aged care?

It takes a person with an extraordinary heart to work and thrive in aged care. The work is ultimately fulfilling.

Q. What do you do outside of work?

I love gardening. I have a big garden full of flowers and edible plants. I read a lot (history, geopolitics, and biographies). I have two spoiled pets, a Frenchie named Blinkie Belle and a Scottish/ Yorkie called Oscar. I am a mum to two sons who are both in the army. I value friendships and remain connected to friends that I have known since pre-school. I am a proud immigrant to this lucky country.