22 January 2021

Pina’s path to recovery

“It’s one day at a time,” says Pina Franzese, a much loved team member in the Arcare Epping community. Pina has worked at Arcare for 12 years and had to unexpectedly take a year off after having a sudden stroke.

“Recovery has been hard, but helped so much by my family and colleagues,” she tell us.

Her most missed place? “The cafe! I love preparing and serving food, it helps connect and communicate with people I love,” she tells us, beaming.

Pina isn’t the only one who missed her at the cafe, during her time in hospital, she had a special skype visit from resident Sante, who told her there was no one at the cafe like her.

This week marks the first week back at work, “I was nervous to come back to work, hoping I’d be strong enough. Last year, I couldn’t speak, so I would send a love heart emoji to my daughters to tell them I’m ok,” she says, recounting the highs and lows of the year.

With the help of the tight-knit team members at Arcare Epping, her wealth of experience – and the way she glows as she talks to residents – coming back has been a very positive experience.

She remains on the path to recovery and has a little reminder on her hand that she flashes every now and then; a gorgeous angel-wings ring given to her by her daughter, Grace.

Welcome back, Pina.