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26 July 2021

An unbreakable friendship with Jean and Jill at Arcare Parkinson

To celebrate International Friendship Day on 30 July 2021, we chatted with Jean and Jill at Arcare Parkinson community about...

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25 June 2021

David Kea Huy Lim | My journey as a refugee from Cambodia to Australia

We are honoured to support many incredible Australians who make Arcare the diverse and wonderful community that it is. Arcare...

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10 May 2021

Five Stars | Arcare Magazine | Autumn 2021

We are delighted to share the Autumn 2021 Edition of our Arcare Aged Care Five Stars Magazine. The edition is...

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19 April 2021

The Iranian art of hospitality with Badieh Taefi at Arcare Parkinson

Born in the city of Shiraz in Iran, Badieh Taefi, a resident at our Arcare Parkinson community is known for...

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11 March 2021

A growing collection of model cars with Don at Arcare Parkinson

Resident Don Covington at Arcare Parkinson has been collecting model cars for about 60 years and his collection has grown...

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10 March 2021

Resident Dolores and Mozart the Saint Bernard at Arcare Parkinson

Dolores at our Arcare Parkinson community has grown up with dogs all her life. She had Nugget the Cocker Spaniel,...

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26 February 2021

The world of fashion design with Dolores at Arcare Parkinson

Dolores at Arcare Parkinson was drawn into the world of fashion as a young girl and started her career at...

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5 February 2021

Showers of encouragement for Liz at Arcare Parkinson

Resident Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Murphy at Arcare Parkinson achieved a personal milestone of hers after receiving showers of encouragement from team...

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16 October 2020

Making banana fritters with Sanjana at Arcare Parkinson

Clients at Arcare Parkinson participated in a live and interactive cooking demonstration with Chef Sanjana who showed them how to...

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