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25 September 2020

Spring Tree

During the last weeks of Winter, some of the ladies at Arcare Surrey Hills started working on creating paper flowers...

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18 September 2020

Messages of thanks for World Gratitude Day at Arcare

This year, COVID-19 has challenged us all in ways like never before, so we are celebrating World Gratitude Day this...

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16 September 2020

Father’s Day golf tournament

On Thursday 3rd September, the Arcare Surrey Hills community celebrated Father's Day with pizza, drinks and a golf tournament. We...

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4 September 2020

Window of Love

In late August, the Arcare Surrey Hills community created and opened their first "Window of Love". The team set up...

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28 August 2020

A challenge at Surrey Hills

Each week, the Arcare Surrey Hills community hold a word challenge called, Target Master. Every week the community become more...

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27 August 2020

Coming together for the Daily Bulletins

Every morning during lockdown, the Arcare Surrey Hills community have been enjoying reading the Arcare Daily Bulletins in the “coffee...

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18 August 2020

Cupcake decorating

On Wednesday 5th August, the lifestyle team at Arcare Surrey Hills hosted a cupcake decorating workshop. Arcare Surrey Hills chef,...

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7 August 2020

Surrey Hills celebrates Christmas in July

The Arcare Surrey Hills community celebrated Christmas in July in style, hosting a range of festive and Christmas-themed activities throughout...

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22 July 2020

Maurine & Gladys

Maurine and Gladys were two of Arcare Surrey Hills first clients back in 2018, and the pair quickly formed a...

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