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21 August 2020

International Friendship Day at Arcare Kanwal

To celebrate International Friendship Day this week, clients here at Arcare Kanwal enjoyed a morning of craft creating friendship cards...

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21 August 2020

Make-it-yourself chocolate mug cakes with clients at Arcare Kanwal

This week’s Cooking Class at Arcare Kanwal was a piece of cake for the clients in the community. Together, they...

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15 July 2020

A heart-warming letter and photo from Wyong High School to Arcare Kanwal

At the end of 2019, the children from Wyong High School were well acquainted with clients in the Arcare Kanwal...

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8 July 2020

Graeme and Ron, the best of friends at Arcare Kanwal

Graeme and Ronald are the best of friends at Arcare Kanwal and you will often find them participating in a...

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26 June 2020

A creative bunch of flowers at Arcare Kanwal

Ever the creative bunch, the clients at Arcare Kanwal put together their own bunch of colourful flowers using an assortment...

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18 June 2020

Celebrating Nikki’s 90th birthday at Arcare Kanwal

We started off the month of June at Arcare Kanwal with the celebration of Nikki Harris’ 90th birthday! Her family...

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5 June 2020

Baking muffins to satisfy our sweet tooth

The clients at Arcare Kanwal were overjoyed at the idea of preparing their own morning tea, complete with muffins topped...

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25 May 2020

Making Bee Hotels for bees at Arcare Kanwal

To celebrate international Bee Day in May, the clients at Arcare Kanwal joined together to create hotels for bees, made...

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15 May 2020

Making their own grass heads at Arcare Kanwal

Clients participated in a new activity at Arcare Kanwal where they made their very own one-of-a-kind grass heads. The first...

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