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20 November 2019

Portarlington’s poppy project

Armistice Day, otherwise known as Remembrance Day is annually recognised on 11th November. Remembrance Day marks the day when World...

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13 November 2019

River’s Gift

On Thursday 7th October, the Arcare Portarlington community shone blue with Geelong for River’s Gift. The ladies from Arcare Portarlington...

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19 July 2019

Heart Health

In July, Arcare Portarlington kindly offered the space to conduct a Heart Safe session for women within the community. Women...

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31 May 2019

5-Star Brew on Studio 10

The Arcare Portarlington community were featured on national, morning show, Studio 10 on Channel 10 for their beer brewing program....

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3 May 2019

Five-Star Brew

It started out as just a crazy idea: How good would it be to have our own beer that we...

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23 November 2018

Street Library Launch

Cr Jim Mason and Cr Trent Sullivan joined the Portarlington Community in launching their new street library in November. The...

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22 October 2018

Community garden

Over the past month, clients from the Portarlington Community have been working with Winged Horse, a local equine rescue centre....

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5 September 2018

Back to the Wall

Neil, a client at Arcare Portarlington, shares stories from his life in his recently published novel titled 'Back to the...

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31 August 2018

Teddy and Taylor

Teddy and Taylor have become a community favourite at Arcare Portarlington. Taylor and Teddy volunteer their time as part of...

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