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4 February 2021

#peopleofarcare – Fiona Halpenny

#PeopleofArcare: We learn more about Fiona Halpenny, Receptionist at Arcare Sydenham. Fiona has been with Arcare for over seven years...

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15 January 2021

#peopleofarcare – Joy Cadiz-Hinkley

#PeopleofArcare: Meet Joy Cadiz-Hinkley, Clinical Lead at Arcare North Lakes. With over 12 years of experience at  Arcare Aged Care,...

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16 December 2020

#PeopleofArcare – Vito Vampatella

#PeopleofArcare: Meet Vito Vampatella, General Services Manager of Arcare Essendon. Vito is looking forward to welcoming the new residents and...

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11 December 2020

#PeopleofArcare – Shantala Suresh

#PeopleofArcare: Meet Shantala Suresh, Residence Manager of Arcare Essendon. Shantala is looking forward to welcoming the new residents and families...

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7 December 2020

#peopleofarcare – Rebecca West

#PeopleofArcare: Meet Rebecca West, recently appointed as Residence Manager of Arcare Noosa. Rebecca is looking forward to welcoming the new...

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7 December 2020

#peopleofArcare – Andrea Messer

#PeopleofArcare learns more about Andrea Messer, Client Service Manager for Sunshine Coast. Andrea has recently started with Arcare and is...

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2 December 2020

#PeopleofArcare – Patricia Arancibia-Collao

#PeopleofArcare learns more about Patricia Arancibia-Collao, Residence Manager at Arcare Sydenham. Patricia is equipped with over 21 years of Arcare...

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