11 April 2016


By Lee Ahlan

While looking through the glass window today I saw four generations from one family sitting down at our friendly café here at Arcare Slacks Creek. Betty Field and her family were meeting up for a very special celebration. Betty was being introduced to the latest addition to the family – Lola-Willow, her 9th great grandchild.

Betty reminisced about being the youngest girl out of six children, four of whom were boys – which proved to be a challenge in itself. Growing up in Townsville, she was quite the athlete, swimming alongside legend John Konrads and participating in basketball and hurdles. Betty says, ‘I can picture one shot that I threw from centre court to the round, open hoop and how the ball made its way in!’

While Betty was working at Elphinstones as a young lady, she met a handsome man, Howard, who worked across the road. It wasn’t long before they were married and had three children. So, as Betty gazed across at her family sitting at the Arcare Slacks Creek café, you could see how blessed and proud she felt, having three children of her own, five grandchildren and nine great grandchildren by her side.

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