4 July 2018

Morning Tea Club

By Adel (Lifestyle Assistant – Arcare Slacks Creek)

Residents from the Arcare Slacks Creek community recently made their first trip to Paradise Road Early Learning Centre, who visit us on a fortnightly basis.

The residents felt special from the start with personalised invitations, a welcoming group upon arrival, handmade gifts and a beautiful morning tea while enjoying and interacting with the young ones.

Lots of stories were shared about how child care and the many ways it has changed over the years.

We are happy to say that we will be visiting Paradise Road Early Learning Centre on a monthly basis.

Lee, our Lifestyle Coordinator at Arcare Slacks Creek, is a soon to be grandmother for the first time. This was good session to remind her of the role she will be playing soon, and everyone agrees that she will be a natural.


By Paradise Road Early Learning Centre

Anyone who knows Paradise Road will know that our philosophy is based on our community spirit. This is seen in our everyday practices and the adventures we go on to our surrounding social hubs, including the Arcare Slacks Creek community.

Every two weeks our kindergarten children venture down to the Arcare Slacks Creek community to engage with a different generation to their own. They tell stories, complete puzzles and interact with their special friends, the residents.

As our children get so much out of these visits we thought it was important to open up our doors and in turn, invite them into our centre to see the children they don’t get to see of ours, the junior children of the Nursery and Toddler rooms.

After some cuddles and getting to know one another the residents were invited to have some morning tea, scones with jam and cream. Soon this turned into a picnic that all the children wanted to be a part of.

Paradise Road would like to thank Arcare and its residents and Lifestyle Team for this amazing opportunity and look forward to opening our doors to bring together the different generations once again.

The visit had rave reviews from all involved including staff and parents.

Miss Maddy (Nursery) – The children liked interacting with new people and seeing new faces. They LOVED all the cuddles!

Miss Georgie (Toddlers) – The children really used this experience as a confidence building exercise. It was amazing to see the children sharing our interest of the garden with the residents.

Anita Hughes (Parent) – Oh this is beautiful. Love it!


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