23 September 2015

3 generations in 1

It’s not often you’d find three generations of one family at an aged care residence, but you will at aged care facility Arcare Craigieburn. In December last year, Isabella moved in and her daughter and granddaughter followed not long after. They are both Personal Care Attendants in the Sensitive Care Unit.

Kelly, Isabella’s granddaughter said “I’ve only been with Arcare since late January, but it feels like I’ve been working here for years. It’s such a great environment, and although we work in a different unit, having Nan close by is an added bonus”. Chris, Isabella’s daughter, was also positive; “It’s great being so close to both my mum and daughter.”

When asked how she felt about having both her daughter and granddaughter working at Arcare, Isabella said with a glint in her eye “yeah, it’s alright. I can’t get up to any mischief anymore can I?”

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