31 May 2019

5-Star Brew on Studio 10

The Arcare Portarlington community were featured on national, morning show, Studio 10 on Channel 10 for their beer brewing program.

The Beer Brewing Group at Portarlington has been running for several months now. In that time, the group has brewed several batches of beer, stout and cider. The club is made up of 10 members aged between 80 and 90 years old. The group meets weekly on a Wednesday to check on the beer and catch up for a chat- usually over a cold beer. The program is being run by Arcare volunteer and Head Brewer, Mick O’Connor. The group have even made up their own brand and labels for their products, naming the beverages the ‘5-Star Brew’, after the Arcare brand.

The brewing group were excited about their moment in the spotlight, but many were nervous about what to wear, asking team members ‘if they should wear their best suit?’

Rhonda came along to watch her husband’s moment in the spotlight and joked, “It’s normally extremely difficult to get Bruce out of bed before 11am on the best of days. However this morning, he was so excited that he was up and ready by 7am!”

Reporter, Nat Hunter prepped all the brewing group members with the questions she would ask during the interview and even gave them a few times to practice their stories and jokes.

When it came time for ‘Lights! Camera! Action!’, volunteer, Mick answered more of the technical brewing questions and introduced the group and their roles.

Arcare Aged Care Portarlington Studio 10 Filming

Reporter, Nat was even keen to try some of the home-brew. While she enjoyed the craft beer, the stout was a bit too strong for her taste. Client, Ron also told a special story about his glass, ‘the ladies’ waist’, which made everyone laugh.

To watch the full interview, please continue below:

The first live cross on Wednesday 29th May.
The second live cross on Wednesday 29th May.