30 October 2020

59 years of love at Arcare Peregian Springs

Bill Woodward writes about his 59 years of love for his wife and Arcare Peregian Springs resident, Lia Woodward:

Lia arrived in Sydney with her mother father and 6 siblings on board a migrant ship from Holland on the 5th January 1956 and travelled on the steam train to Parkes that night, arriving early in the morning of 6th January 1956. I had just started my carpentry & joinery apprenticeship 2 days after leaving school in December 1955.

It was a hot summer’s day of 106 degrees in the shade. I first saw Lia on the church steps after Sunday morning mass with her father and younger siblings. She did not see me. And immediately that had a profound effect on me.

Lia was so natural and beautiful, she was about 15, and I was 17. It wasn’t until a couple of years later that I plucked up the courage to ask her to the movies, and guess what? She knocked me back. But I persisted and eventually she agreed.

We had a lovely courtship for a couple of years. And married on the 16th September 1961. Lia was 18 and I was 20. Looking back, I now know that I loved Lia from the first time that I saw her on the church steps.

She was such a loving giving person, a great mother to our 4 children. Lia would have liked to have been a hairdresser, and for years she cut the hair of all the family, she cut my hair for 49 years.

Lia travelled back to Holland to see her Oma (grandmother) 8 times. Sometimes with me – 3 times, or one of her younger sisters, Thea. On one occasion taking our youngest daughter Angelique. Lia would work to save for her fare, working at the motel cleaning for years, hospital meals, pulling beer at the golf club and cleaning the local church for 14 years.

Always a loving caring person to all who knew her. I still love her my beautiful darling Lia.

Lia’s home is at Arcare Peregian Springs.

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