21 February 2018

A creative Valentine’s

The community from Arcare Glenhaven tried something new to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year.

The artistic group used food colouring to paint on heart-shaped biscuits. The activity was similar to painting with water colours which meant that the finished works looked like stunning miniature paintings.

Paul, a talented painter, was very much in his element. He painted three cookies that were so intricate and detailed, that soon everyone was talking about his talent.

Many enjoyed eating their cookies, but some chose to display theirs in the café, where others in the community could view them.

Valentine’s Day can be difficult for some, as they remember loved ones who are no longer with us. It was fantastic to be able to spend the day together and try something new.

Arcare Aged Care Glenhaven Valentine's Day 2

Arcare Aged Care Glenhaven Valentine's Day 3

Geranium Cottage

Arcare Aged Care Glenhaven Geranium Cottage

The vivid colours of blooming geraniums was quite a welcome for the Glenhaven Community who visited the Geranium Cottage in Dural.

After wandering through the beautiful flowers and browsing through the gardening tools on offer, the group headed up to the cottage for morning tea, including the crowd favourite: home-made scones with jam and cream.

The quaint cottage was decorated with beautiful antiques and old appliances, which was a great talking point for many as they reminisced about how difficult these appliances were. There’s no doubt that modern appliances have made life a lot easier!

Rating the trip a 10/10, clients commented on how wonderful the service was and have forecasted that it will be a favourite spot for future trips – after all, it’s only 10 minutes down the road.

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