12 April 2018

A different kind of visitor

It’s not every day that a horse, guinea pig, rabbit and a cockatoo are together in your lounge room.

It was a comical sight to look around the lounge at Arcare Sydenham and see people feeding horses on one hand and nursing a rabbit in the other.

The cuddly visitors brought a smile to everyone’s face, and certainly caught the attention of those passing by.

Arcare Aged Care Sydenham Animals 2 U

Arcare Aged Care Sydenham Animals 2 U 3

‘The best anniversary ever’

Arcare Aged Care Sydenham Best Anniversary Ever

Ray and Margaret’s 32nd wedding anniversary coincided beautifully with the Sydenham Community’s Valentine’s Day celebrations in February.

The couple enjoyed a romantic lunch together and shared a special note with team members afterwards to say thanks.

‘This would have to be our best anniversary ever and will always be remembered with love and happiness,’ Ray wrote.

‘We would like to express how happy we are to live in such a wonderful environment, the staff you wouldn’t find better anywhere.’

Congratulations Ray and Margaret!

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