23 July 2019

A new challenge

The Arcare Carnegie community has a special partnership with high school, Kilvington Grammar.

Over the past year, the pair have been building their relationship, through a student volunteer program.

Each term a new group of Year 9 students are challenged by their school to complete a project, that will positively engage and represent the wider community. The ongoing program is called the ‘Expo Challenge’.

As well as volunteering their time at the residence, the students also engage with the clients to record their wonderful life stories.

Although the new term has only just begun, lifestyle coordinator, Lou has already started introducing the new students, to key clients who are keen to share their stories.

Recently some of the new students visited the residence, to chat with the clients and conduct a craft class. 

The clients loved asking the students what they are studying and also sharing their own stories of their school days.  It was lovely to see two generations coming together.

At the end of the term, the students will present their projects and the clients’ stories at an Expo event at Kilvington Grammar. Already, several clients have written the date in their diaries as they are eager to attend and support the students.

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