16 March 2018

An extra special celebration

Jeanette’s birthday was made extra special thanks to the generosity and thoughtfulness of pastry chef Kate.

Usually at Arcare Glenhaven, everyone receives a beautiful cake on their birthday while everyone in the community sings happy birthday.

Things had to be a bit different for Jeanette’s birthday as she has difficulty in swallowing, but Kate still didn’t want her to miss out.

Instead of an edible cake, Kate created a magnificent replica cake made from boxes, flowers and balloons.

Jeanette and Kate have developed a beautiful friendship over the short time that they have known each other. Kate makes sure she comes up from the kitchen during her breaks to chat with Jeanette and catch up on life.

During their catch ups, Jeanette enjoys hearing about Kate’s young children. Because of this, despite it being Kate’s day off on Jeanette’s birthday, she brought in her children to meet Jeanette and her family.

Jeanette was touched that not only did Kate go out of her way to make her a special cake, but that she also came in on her day off to celebrate her special day.

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