29 June 2018

A talented team

The volunteer team in the Reservoir Community are a talented bunch; each person bringing a different skill and passion to their role.

The group got together in May to celebrate National Volunteers Week with an afternoon tea.

The volunteers were called up one by one to receive their certificate of appreciation. Clients and team members were there to thank their friends for their hard work and friendship throughout the years.

Each volunteer contributes in a special way to the community. Margaret helps to run the knitting group while Nella is our crafts expert. Mark donates his time by driving the bus to and from special outings. Thomas helps to run the men’s group in the community.

Sue and Joyce, two clients in the community, were also thanked for their hard work. Joyce was once a volunteer at Arcare Reservoir many years ago.

Sue assists with delivering the mail to everyone’s rooms and helps with the breakfast club and friendship group.

Arcare Aged Care Reservoir Volunteers Jpg

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