17 September 2020

An afternoon in Tuscany with wine and cheese at Arcare Helensvale

Clients at Arcare Helensvale felt like they spent an afternoon in Tuscany as they ate cheese and drank wine at Arcare Helensvale.

As part of a relaxing afternoon of Wine and Cheese Tasting, clients enjoyed the culinary experience as they listened to the soothing sounds of Frank Sinatra crooning in the background.

With ‘Fly Me to The Moon’ filling the warm Spring air, we enjoyed a variety of cheese such as Blue Vein, Camembert, French Brie, Smokey Bacon, Gouda, Cheddar, Chive and Parsley Cream Cheese.

And not to be left out are the spicy cracked pepper, rosemary and thyme water crackers, that paired really well with the creamy cheese.

Besides cheese and crackers, the clients also indulged in a delicious platter full of sun-dried tomatoes, green olives and fruits.

With the smell of cheese and olives in the air, it felt just like a sunny afternoon in Tuscany for the clients, with endless flow of wine and the chatter of happy voices.

It was truly a wonderful afternoon enjoyed by all who attended Arcare Helensvale’s Wine and Cheese Tasting.

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