12 November 2019

Sun & sand at Altona Beach

On Tuesday 29th October, the sun shone warmly over Melbourne. Taking advantage of the beautiful weather, clients from the Arcare Hillside community decided to travel to Altona Beach to soak up the sun while it lasted.

With their sunglasses, hats, sunscreen and picnic blankets in hand, several clients boarded the bus bound for Altona Beach.

Two clients, who recently joined the community, also decided to accompanied the group on the trip. The outing was one of their first with the community and was an excellent opportunity for them to form new relationships with other clients and team members.

Once the group arrived at the beach, some decided to lounge in the sun, while others decided to go for a stroll along the footpaths and waterside, to really appreciate the beauty of the beach.

Client, Helen was determined to jog along the beach’s surrounding footpaths, as she once did. To the surprise of lifestyle coordinator, Naz, Helen was not only able to job along the footpaths, however she was able to run at a faster pace than her.

Soon it was lunchtime, and the clients quickly came to the consensus that they wanted to have fish and chips for lunch; the perfect beach meal. The clients enjoyed their pieces of battered and grilled flake, chips and the occasional potato cake, under the shade of a beach umbrella.

Everyone enjoyed soaking up the fresh air, warm breeze and the picturesque scenery; it was a wonderful day for everyone involved.

Client, Shirley, who is new to the Hillside community, enjoyed the outing so much, that she later decided to express her appreciation to the lifestyle team by crafting and presenting them with a hand-drawn card.

Arcare Aged Care Hillside Shirley Card Altona Beach Drawing

Arcare Aged Care Hillside Card Shirley Altona Beach

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