26 July 2021

An unbreakable friendship with Jean and Jill at Arcare Parkinson

To celebrate International Friendship Day on 30 July 2021, we chatted with Jean and Jill at Arcare Parkinson community about their unbreakable bond.

Jean and Jill met two years ago and they became instant friends after learning that they both enjoyed conversing about various topics such as politics.

“When I first met her, I thought to myself, ‘I like her very much and I think we’re going to get on very well together,’” Jean shared.

jean and jill

Both ladies also enjoy keeping their minds active through a game of Bingo or a crossword puzzle.

They attend different lifestyle activities together and Jill knows that she can always count on Jean.

“Jean is my eyes and I’m her legs; when I can’t see the numbers, Jean will read them out for me,”

“We both know that we need to be here, and that we need each other,” Jill said.

jean and jill jean and jill

Over the years, the team at Arcare Parkinson have seen their friendship grow stronger each day.

“Seeing Jill hold Jean’s hands to help her into the activity room for bingo – it just makes my heart melt,” Lifestyle Assistant Emily said.

You can also spot them on their daily walks around the residence or enjoying a cup of coffee in the café.

“We’re very good friends, but we’re also not glued to each other. We have our own independence and I know that when I need her, she is there for me” Jill said.

jean and jill