6 March 2020

Anniversary waltz

February was the month of love at Arcare Keysborough.

The community not only celebrated Valentine’s Day on 14th February, but on Tuesday 25th February, the Keysborough community also took the time to celebrate the love shared by all of the couples that reside within the community. The lifestyle team planned and hosted a lovely event called, the Anniversary Waltz to celebrate these couples.

Three couples currently reside together within the Arcare Keysborough community: Ted and Shirley; Loris and Fred; and Rena and Victor. The Anniversary Waltz high tea, not only celebrate the love of these three couples, but the event also coincided with Ted and Shirley’s 64th wedding anniversary. A special toast and celebratory cake were given to the very happy couple to celebrate their 64th year of being married.

“It was a magical day for us, and we felt incredibly special to see how the Arcare community celebrated our marriage. We can’t thank everyone enough.” Shirley said.

One man band, Douglas Sound played waltz songs throughout the afternoon, and clients enjoyed dancing to the music. Love birds, Loris and Fred typically like to hit the dance floor together at community lifestyle events, and the Anniversary Waltz so no exception. Loris and Fred spent much of the afternoon slow dancing with one another; sharing bashful smiles and whispered compliments . Loris and Fred celebrated their 67th wedding anniversary in September 2019, and falling more in love with one another every day that they are married.

Rena and Victor are now in their 56th year of marriage, and continue to enjoy the simple pleasure of each other’s company. The couple were extremely grateful to the Arcare Keysborough team for hosting the Anniversary Waltz in honour of their love and the other couples within the community.

“Thank-you for creating these special memories for us.” Rena said.

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