23 April 2021

Appreciating the finer things in life with Marie at Arcare Glenhaven

Marie at Arcare Glenhaven has always appreciated the finer things in life.

She owned a jewellery business and travelled the world sourcing beautiful gems for her customers.

But her favourite country has to be Switzerland because of the great friendships she formed there.

Besides jewellery, Marie is also very interested in the world of fashion.

She did a bit of sewing and even made clothes for herself.

Now, her sense of style can be described as feminine and stylish.

“My mother was always beautifully dressed and a lot of my finer clothes are from her actually,” Marie shared as she gave us a sneak peek into her overflowing closet.

Marie currently owns 49 pairs of shoes and three walking sticks to coordinate with her outfits, but her shiny walking stick is particularly special to her.

In her suite, hints of Marie’s favourite colours – blue, pink and purple – can be seen. While her balcony is decorated with an assortment of delicate plants and flowers.

Taking her favourite walking stick with her, Marie pops on some lipstick and struts down the corridors for pre-dinner drinks at Arcare Glenhaven.