21 November 2019

Arcare’s 2019 Dinner Dance

On Friday 25th October, Arcare communities from North-West Victoria celebrated their 4th annual Dinner Dance.

Clients, team members, friends, volunteers and family members from Arcare Burnside, Craigieburn, Epping, Maidstone and Reservoir traveled to Epping Memorial Hall for the glamourous affair.

Clients spent weeks searching and shopping for a new outfit for the event, with many clients from Reservoir telling the lifestyle team that, “I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing the same thing twice! At least to a formal event…”

The men ironed and pressed their finest suits and pocket squares, while the ladies ensured that they upheld the traditional standard of having their purses match their shoes.

Finally the much anticipated event arrived, and clients and team members dressed to impress. Over 160 people attended this year’s soiree; a substantial number more, than the previous year.

As everyone began pouring into the hall and finding their tables, the humming of busy conversations and rekindled relations rose and soon overcame the room.

The five lifestyle teams spent months carefully curating the event, finding entertainment, selecting meals and sourcing elegant decorations. It was clear that the hard-work of the lifestyle teams paid off, as you could see the appreciation and enjoyment felt through the smiles and laughter from those around the room.

Arcare Craigieburn lifestyle coordinator, Kayla said, “Everything we do is for our clients. They drive us, and we want only the best for them.”

Everyone enjoyed the live music and the delicious 5-star three course dinner, which was freshly prepared by Arcare’s catering team, Contemporary Catering.

After the entree was served, Craigieburn’s lifestyle coordinator, Kayla got up on the stage to announce the winners of the Dinner Dance raffle. A mixture of clients and team members won prizes in the raffle. Each winner was able to chose the prize that they wanted to take home. Some of the wonderful prizes included a self-care pack, a sewing machine and a wide variety of wine; just to name a few.

However it wouldn’t have been a true Dinner Dance without some dancing! After dinner, the band quickly amped up the tempo and beat, to encourage everyone to hit the dance-floor. Team members were extending the offer to dance to a number of clients, and family members took the opportunity to sway along with their loved ones. Everyone spent the rest of the night tearing up the dancefloor and enjoyed the company of those in the wider Arcare community.

It was truly a night to remember.

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