12 August 2021

Arcare chefs turning up the heat at national culinary competition

As part of the Inaugural Culinary Competition 2021, hosted by The Institute of Hospitality in Healthcare (IHHC), three Arcare chef teams have been selected among the top five finalists.

Gathering at Arcare Springwood for a test run under competition guidelines, the teams have been busy practicing and perfecting their recipes.

The Arcare teams that made it to the finals are Arcare Helensvale St James Chef Mario and Assistant Katelyn with their Crispy Skin Barramundi with Earth Grains, Arcare Pimpama Chef Gary and Assistant Lisa with their Herb Crusted Lamb Backstrap with Spelt Grain & Ratatouille, and Arcare Springwood Chef Darrell and Assistant Kerry with their Sticky Chicken on Crunchy Asian Style Slaw.

“We want to get rid of the stigma for aged care that all foods are pureed; here at Arcare we’re cooking with fresh ingredients and the residents love it. It’s more than a meal, it’s a dining experience,” Chef Mario Giordano said.

“Chef Mario and his team always prepare a good selection of food to choose from,” Margaret Swift, a resident at Arcare Helensvale St James said.

The teams had one month of planning to create a dish that costs under $6.50 to make and follows the nutritional guidelines as approved by a dietitian.

The finals will be held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, with a judging panel of industry experts at the 22 September showdown.

The teams will have 20 minutes to set up, followed by 45 minutes to cook and plate their dishes.

Arcare is proud to have our chefs compete in the Inaugural IHHC Culinary Competition 2021.

“It’s a chance for our very experienced chefs to showcase their food on a professional level; you can see their love and passion for aged care as they deliver high quality meals to our residents. And it’s important for family members to know that we are looking after their loved ones with our great culinary options,” Support Manager Catering Services Tim Alexander said.

“It’s rewarding to work at Arcare because I build relationships with the residents through my food. The appreciation and positive feedback I receive from the residents encourage me to find dishes and flavours that they look forward to enjoying every day,” Chef Gary Duerden said.

Sticky Chicken on Crunchy Asian Style Slaw


Herb Crusted Lamb Backstrap with Spelt Grain & Ratatouille

Barramundi with Congo Pureed Potatoes, Carrots and Mushrooms with a Dill Salsa

Chef Rudy (Parkwood) and Chef Krystina (Sanctuary Manors)