29 August 2019

Arcare Glenhaven City Escapades

The Arcare Glenhaven clients love their scenic outings, that they go out multiple times a week.

This particular week the outing took them in the heart of Sydney to admire the iconic landmarks, the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. Everyone got off the bus to enjoy morning tea in front of the spectacular view.

The view of the city and sky rise buildings triggered discussions about the many changes the residents have seen over the years.

One client Minchul, recalled the flat landscape and architecture of the city back when he used to visit in his younger years. Another resident Ralfe added to the conversation by reminiscing about his times travelling to his family’s house near the Harbour Bridge for New Year’s Eve parties.

Many of the clients enjoyed listening to the stories and adding their own memories and experiences of travelling to and from the city over the years.

On return the group thanked the team for taking them to the city as it brought back so many good memories.

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