9 May 2022

Arcare Logan Reserve celebrates first birthday at Alice in Onederland with first residents and team members

The Arcare Logan Reserve community celebrated their first birthday since opening in 2021. Residents and team members gathered for a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party complete with decorations, costumes, an extravagant cake, nibbles and speeches. First residents Shirley and Neil Parsons also got to cut the cake to kick off the celebrations.

Within our first month of opening, we welcomed Shirley and Neil Parsons, David Barnes, Gloria McCann, Eric Ehlers, Eve Harbeck, Judith Watts and Margaret Fardell,” Residence Manager Hayley shared.

Throughout the celebration, the team welcomed a further 106 residents to their community and also paid tribute to the residents who passed away since the opening.

Residents were involved in creating handmade flowers for the photowall and team members came dressed as popular characters from Alice in Wonderland, such as The Hatter, Alice, The Cheshire Cat, The Red Queen and The White Rabbit.

Arcare Logan Reserve acknowledged the hard work that the team from each department has provided throughout the year and honoured the 20 team members who have remained since its opening.

Arcare Logan Reserve residents and team members have become an extension of my own family and I look forward to welcoming more residents and team members to our community.” Residence Manager Hayley said.

Resident Robert also wrote a beautiful letter of thanks to the entire team. This was read out loud for all team members and residents.

This is an amazing place to live and to all team members at Arcare, you are all valuable treasures, be proud of who you all are because the residents are all proud of you. Thank you!” Resident Robert wrote.