31 October 2019

Arcare North Shore’s Halloween high tea with St Anthony’s College

Thirty Year 10 students from St Anthony’s Catholic College came by the Arcare North Shore residence for a little visit.

The students and clients enjoyed a Halloween-themed high tea and the conversations were anything but short.

Laughter rang throughout the foyer as everyone munched and crunched on ghoulie-themed food prepared by our wonderful residence chef.

A small group of students were taken down to the Saunders community to enjoy their high tea with the clients there.

There were many games of Noughts and Crosses, Snakes and Ladders and puzzles that were pulled apart and put back together again.

“What a wonderful bunch of lovely young ladies!” Phyllis commented.

Mavis even entertained the children with some her favourite ballads in her best voice.

She sang old classics like ‘Are You Lonesome Tonight?’, a famous song sung by The King Elvis Presley.

The students and other clients clapped and commented on how lovely she sounded, and Mavis beamed as she was showered with praises.

The time with the students seemed to fly right by and it wasn’t too long before the students had to leave.

“It’s so nice to see these young people taking the time out of their day to come speak to us elderly” Gaye commented.

The clients enjoyed themselves so much they are already looking forward to the college students returning sometimes soon!

Interacting with young people is always a great chance to bring back feelings and memories of their youth.

And these intergenerational moments are a great way of building connections with the local community.

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