4 May 2017

Ladies’ Luncheon

This story is written by Kathy Willmington, Volunteer at Arcare Sanctuary Manors

Fancy a lunch on the water? Last week residents from Arcare Sanctuary Manors enjoyed a lunch at the famous George’s Paragon Seafood Restaurant in Sanctuary Cove.

The ladies love getting dressed up and have a great time socialising while enjoying a delicious seafood lunch. This particular lunch, we were joined by other Arcare Communities in the local area. I could hear lots of chatter, and I particularly noted many happy smiles.

There’s something about ladies – no matter what our age we just love hanging out together (and having our lunch served to us is a plus).

A big thank you to Barbara and Joan for being so kind as to indulge me in a ‘selfie’ on the day.

As a volunteer I love being among all this wise energy, and particularly love seeing how the carers, staff, and other volunteers interact with the residents and treating them with care and respect.

Sometimes it’s the little things in life.


The Butterfly Lady

by Kathy Willmington

Building relationships is a wonderful thing in aged care.

My six year old granddaughter Poppy regularly visits the Arcare Sanctuary Manors Community, particularly enjoying hanging out with May.

May’s room is beautifully decorated with butterflies and because of this, Poppy now refers to her as The Butterfly Lady.

Recently, Poppy found out that May wasn’t well and was in hospital recovering. She decided to do something special for May and created a beautiful drawing of a butterfly with a get well soon note attached. May was so appreciative of the special gesture.

Smiles and relationships are built every day between people, and it’s sometimes a child that captures the essence of what friendship is all about.

The butterfly is bright and beautiful, coloured by a mindful little girl with a big heart.

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