19 February 2020

New Year fireworks at Arcare Slacks Creek

Gathered in the theatre, Arcare Slacks Creek welcomed the new year in with their lively New Year’s Eve Party.

Reliving their younger days, the clients got to enjoy a disco dance or two, drink bubbly champagne and watch the live fireworks show on the big screen.

Adding to the New Year’s fun, clients also had a ball with the quirky, colourful photobooth props.

We all laughed together when we saw what we looked like with the funny moustaches and glasses.

‘You look just like my husband with that moustache!’ a client cheekily commented.

Some team members also came to join in the New Year fun by taking photos with the clients and making them laugh.

There really is a great sense of community at the residence!

The parties held at Arcare Slacks Creek are a great way to bring clients from the Carlisle, Balmoral, Kensington and Windsor communities together.

And it gives them the opportunity to socialise and get to know each other better in a relaxed and fun environment.

The team members also do their best to ensure that every client feels recognised and respected, whether by asking how their day is going to taking care of their everyday needs.

As everyone began counting down to the New Year, the residence was filled the joyous laughter of clients and team members, the loud sound of party horns being blown and fireworks being lit.

And from the New Year’s Eve party, you can just tell that the clients enjoy themselves and look forward to the different activities.

Especially the different themed events that take place at Arcare Slacks Creek every few months.

From New Year’s Eve parties to Casino Nights, the clients at Arcare Slacks Creek are proof that they are never too old to have fun and be silly.

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