2 November 2019

Arcare Taigum visits Arcare North Lakes for an afternoon high tea

With a number of Arcare aged care residences all over Brisbane, it’s always a great idea to meet up and make some new friends from the other residences.

Recently, five clients from Arcare Taigum were invited to Arcare North Lakes for an afternoon high tea.

On arrival, we were welcomed by the North Lakes team.

Then, we were escorted into the theatre which had been all set up for high tea, complete with pretty tablecloths and matching tea sets!

Clients were seated at the tables and served a delicious afternoon tea.

Soon, the theatre was filled with laughter and chatter as everyone was busy socialising with one another.

There was also some musical entertainment which we all enjoyed singing along to.

Everyone had a wonderful afternoon, making new friends and catching up with some old friends.

“Thanks for bringing us here today, it was lovely!” client Shirley said.

Everyone was enjoying themselves so much that they felt the afternoon tea went by too quickly!

“I really enjoyed this outing, thank you!” client Ruth commented.

Organising lifestyle activities with the other Arcare residences is a great way to strengthen our bond with one another.

Here at Arcare Taigum, we will be returning the favour by inviting Arcare North Lakes to visit us soon!

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