3 June 2021

Around the world with different cuisines by Chef Ralph at Arcare Logan Reserve

From international hotels to cruise liners, Ralph at Arcare Logan Reserve has done them all.

Ralph’s parents owned a pub in England and when they travelled the world due to his dad’s work, it was only natural that Ralph would join the hospitality trade and travel the world for it.

Ralph has worked in France, Monte Carlo, Miami and as a fly-in fly-out at Nauru.

But his favourite experience was cooking on cruise liners in the Caribbean.

Joining our community as Chef, Ralph is excited to bring the tastes of France, India and Australia to the residents.

“It’s about being adaptable and catering to what the residents like,” he shared.

The first residents in our community got to enjoy Tuscan Lamb, Rolled Beef with Seasonal Vegetables, and Potato Boulangere with Carrot & Broccoli.

Although Ralph himself enjoys cooking Indian food and savouring the tastes of Greece with Mediterranean style food.

“I have very simple tastes, just some quality feta cheese and olive oil while sitting along the harbour.”