31 July 2020

Baking donuts in their pyjamas at Arcare Slacks Creek

What better way to stay warm and keep cosy on a cold winter’s day than by staying in your pyjamas enjoying donuts?

That is exactly what clients and team members did at Arcare Slacks Creek on the 17th of July.

Clients had a good time and a good laugh as they saw team members in their assortment of bright and colourful pyjamas.

‘I never thought I’d see them in their pyjamas, but it makes me smile!’ a client commented.

To warm their hands and the residence, client Molly and Lifestyle Assistant Monica decided to do some baking for morning tea.

They had a go at making fresh donuts for the first time and even though the donuts turned out ‘holeless’, Molly and Monica had a great time baking together.

‘This seems more like a donut flavoured cupcake!’ Molly said while laughing.

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