5 June 2020

Baking muffins to satisfy our sweet tooth

The clients at Arcare Kanwal were overjoyed at the idea of preparing their own morning tea, complete with muffins topped with sweet, yummy icing.

‘I used to make these every day for my children by the dozen!’ client Monica shared.

They gathered in the hall and soon, the smell of freshly baked muffins filled their noses as the hot muffins were plated in front of them.

They each had their own bowls filled with icing sugar and butter and they had to mix them until the consistency was just right.

Some couldn’t help but lick their fingers in anticipation, satisfying their sweet tooth!

After ensuring they were well mixed, the clients picked their food colouring and transformed the icing into a rainbow of colours.

Now, they were ready to place icing on top of their perfectly cooked muffins.

Each client chose from a variety of decorations to decorate their muffins with some creating faces while others filled their muffin with every decoration available.

The clients were very happy with their finished masterpieces and they were ready for the final step – eating them!

Team members at Arcare Kanwal couldn’t help but notice how quiet the hall got when the clients were busy gobbling up their scrumptious muffins.

‘I could eat these for breakfast, lunch and dinner,’ client Irene said.

It wasn’t long before the muffins were gone and not a single crumb was left behind!

The clients’ sweet tooth cravings were definitely satisfied as they sighed in satisfaction and looked forward to their next baking activity.

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