22 March 2019

Ballroom Dancers of Oatlands

Ballroom dancing is one of the most anticipated activities for clients of Arcare Oatlands.

Every Wednesday, clients gather for their guided ballroom lessons with great music and company.

Teachers Ian and Jo from Latin Ballroom Dancing bring their skills and warm touch to Oatlands.

Everyone loves joining them on the dance-floor and learning new moves.

For some it has been years since they have danced, and for others it has been the first time!

‘This is the first time I’ve danced with Kathy in over 40 years’ said Arthur.

Arthur’s wife Kathy also comes along to the lessons, enjoying a dance and reminiscing of the last time they danced at their wedding.

Nancy’s most fond memories are of her many years of dancing; travelling every year to jazz festivals.

Arcare Aged Care Oatlands Ballroom

She shows everyone how it’s done the moment she hits the dance-floor.

For many, going to a dance is where they met their husbands and wives.

‘Oh, doesn’t this bring back memories!’ said Margaret.

Clients Chris and Margaret Friery first met at a dance, and went on to spend many years of happy marriage together.

Now they come along to ballroom lessons to enjoy the old school music and the many styles of dances they once danced.

Margaret is in a wheelchair, but still joins everyone on the dance-floor.

Wheelchair ballroom dancing is a thing, and they love it!

As Ian dances and steers the wheelchair in time with the music, Margaret dances in her seat with the biggest smile on her face.

Her husband Chris danced with teacher Jo, sharing the special moment next to Margaret.

Arcare Aged Care Oatlands Ballroom

For others, it is an opportunity to have a laugh together as clients invite each other up onto the dancefloor for a dance.

It has been a great way for everyone to get to know each other.

The activity is no doubt one of the most popular on the calendar, which follows after happy hour of course.

Everyone continues to improve their moves and enjoy the music.

There is talk of a special ball in the planning where everyone can show off their ballroom dancing.

Arcare Aged Care Oatlands Ballroom

Arcare Aged Care Oatlands Ballroom

Arcare Aged Care Oatlands Ballroom

Arcare Aged Care Oatlands Ballroom
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