16 October 2020

Making banana fritters with Sanjana at Arcare Parkinson

Clients at Arcare Parkinson participated in a live and interactive cooking demonstration with Chef Sanjana who showed them how to make banana fritters.

Combining a bit of oil, flour and sugar, the fritters were a huge success among the residence.

As the bananas were cooking in the pan, the smell wafted through the residence and down the hallways.

As a result, other clients and team members also wanted to have a taste of the yummy dessert.

After the bananas has simmered and seared in the pan, they were served with scoops of cold ice cream and that made the treat even more special!

‘These fritters were yummy!’ Olwyn said while he finished off his dessert.

And Kevin loved them so much that he licked the bowl clean!

Our Parkinson community is already looking forward to the next live cooking demonstration.

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