27 December 2019

Barb, Arcare North Shore’s valued volunteer

Barb is one of Arcare North Shore’s most beloved and devoted volunteers.

Barb has dedicated countless hours to the lucky clients, from delivering library books and reading, mending, stitching, chatting to going on walks with them.

She has been at Arcare North Shore for at least 18 months.

During her time here, she has built many special relationships with the clients and team members.

You can always hear Barb’s cheerful voice throughout the community, followed by the laughter of others.

For this, Barb was nominated for Volunteer of the Year from Arcare.

Receiving this nomination was an honour beyond belief for Barb.

She exclaims that she could not be happier and more touched at the thought.

We believe that Barb could not be more deserving of this nomination.

Being here at Arcare North Shore for three days a week, she is able to give the clients the best friendships and laughter.

The lifestyle team is very grateful to Barb for all the hard work she puts in each and every visit.

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