8 January 2021

Beautiful sounds of the piano with Gloria at Arcare Helensvale

Resident Gloria Hanscomb at our Arcare Helensvale community has been a piano enthusiast ever since she was a young girl.

Her music teacher used to encourage her to read and learn from music sheets, however Gloria always preferred to do things her way.

A skilled pianist with a keen sense of hearing, Gloria would often play the piano by ear.

Now, at 87 years old, she still enjoys playing the piano in our lounge room.

As the beautiful sounds of her piano-playing resounded through our residence, a group of residents and team members gather to hear her play.

Here at our Arcare Helensvale community, we love to hear the sounds of music and to see our piano being used for everyone’s pleasure.

Seeing the smile of Gloria’s face as she plays for others brings a smile to all our faces too.