24 July 2020

What goes on behind the scenes at Arcare North Shore

The Lifestyle team at Arcare North Shore have been organising various lifestyle activities with much enthusiasm.

However, what we don’t always see is the dedication of the other team members working behind the scenes.

For Arcare North Shore’s first-ever Christmas in July event, the kitchen team worked tirelessly to create what our clients called, the most perfect Christmas lunch they have ever had.

The effort seen from all of our team members was amazing, but we all took our hats off to the incredibly relaxed team in the kitchen who pulled off the wonderous day.

We also celebrated two birthdays in the community, one with a specially made cake which was first of its kind.

This cake was brilliantly designed and created by our very talented kitchen team for a client with special dietary needs.

What surprised the rest of the team was how effortlessly it all came together and the happy, relaxed vibe that came from the kitchen team and our Food Service Attendants.

This was the cherry on top of our wonderful day and all the management, nursing and care team would like to thank them personally for the wonderful job they do each and every day in our community behind the scenes.

We cannot thank you enough!

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