19 June 2018

Belting out a tune

Sometimes, in the middle of winter, all you want to do is stay in your warm pyjamas all day. With winter certainly settling in, the Burnside Community decided to host a PJ day – a day where everyone embraced their most comfortable selves.

Snuggies and onesies were a popular choice as even team members got into the spirit and rocked up in their PJs.

Everyone warmed up with a hot chocolate while cheering on those competing in some exciting games.

The community was disappointed to hear that the entertainer who had been planning on performing for the event had unfortunately cancelled.

Always looking on the bright side of things, it was decided that instead of an entertainer, the community would perform themselves and do some rounds of karaoke.

It ended up being the best decision as the group thoroughly enjoyed belting out a tune. There was also plenty of dancing, clapping and laughing alongside the performances.

No one held back and even team members got into the spirit, with Naveen, the chef, coming out from the kitchen to perform some of his personal favourites.

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