20 March 2020

Arcare Oatlands’ bus outing to Bicentennial park

The clients at Arcare Oatlands enjoyed a morning tea picnic at Bicentennial park.

The sky was blue, the sun was shining and everything was greener after the recent days of rain.

As we walked around the park to find a suitable picnic location, the clients could not help admiring the way the park was carefully manicured and looked after.

While they were at the park, the clients also watched and fed the birds, they went for a walk to the lake, admired the ducks and swans and enjoyed watching dogs playing in the park.

Client Dorothy Devery looked at the lake and cheekily asked the Arcare Oatlands’ team members, ‘When are we going for a dip?’

A day out in nature and greenery is always a highlight for the clients as they can breathe in the fresh air and relax with their friends.

Client Sylvia Mclean commented, ‘It is very nice to get out and see something different. It is such a beautiful day.’

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