1 October 2020

Blue and white for Father’s Day at Arcare Eight Mile Plains

For Father’s Day at Arcare Eight Mile Plains, the Lifestyle team decorated the Lawson Lounge area with a blue and white theme, complete with Father’s Day artworks and decorations.

They also dressed a mannequin up in a policeman outfit and decorated with festive balloons.

A personal touch included some original Father’s Day artworks from the kindergarten across the road to us.

To attract the residents we draped a light blue background textile and a spotlight to highlight the mannequin decoration.

To put a spotlight on the men for Father’s Day, they created a cinematic ambiance using a spotlight.

They also showed their appreciation to the men for their wonderful presence in our Arcare Eight Mile Plains community by gifting them handkerchiefs, socks, massagers and sensory balls.

Residence Manager Wendy led the distribution of the Father’s Day gifts with Lifestyle Co-ordinator Fonzie, who was also superman for the day.

After they received their gifts, we sing the traditional Scottish song of ‘Auld Lang Syne’, gave them three cheers and finished it all off with the National Australian anthem.

It was a moving Father’s Day as we celebrated the men and their lives, accomplishments and camaraderie.

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