6 March 2020

Wine and cheese night

Bob and Lex have developed quite a close friendship since moving into the Arcare Knox community.

The pair initially connected at one of Knox community’s lifestyle activities, and they got to talking one afternoon. Bob and Lex’s friendship has been developing ever since then, and they still enjoy attending the same lifestyle activities together, as they both share many similar interests.

One of their shared interests in a deep appreciation for fine wines and hearty cheeses.

In February, the lifestyle team approached Bob and Lex with the idea of hosting an intimate wine tasting and grazing platter night, just the two of them.

“We are always trying to find new ways to support the friendships within our community.” Arcare Knox lifestyle coordinator, Leanne said.

Both Bob and Lex loved this idea, and agreed that it would be the perfect way to spend a summer evening; kicking back and also watching the cricket.

“You are never too old to enjoy the finer things in life, and also make new friendships along the way.” Leanne said.

The men had a wonderful evening and are hoping to have a wine and cheese tasting evening on a more regular basis.

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