22 August 2019

Bunnings outing

In August, clients from the Arcare Maidstone community went on a bus trip to Bunnings Sunshine.

Although a trip to Bunnings, might be a fairly common occurrence for some, the trip meant a lot more to these aged care clients.

Being able to walk around, engage with others and see what’s happening within the local community, was an experiences that clients really appreciated. These sorts of outings, are so valuable to the clients, as they may not always feel connected to the community or be may not always be able to get out and about by themselves.

Lifestyle coordinator, Barbara says, “We really enjoy taking the clients out on these small bus trips, as they make them feel more involved in the community. It can truly be the highlight of their day or week!”

Clients, Jesus and William enjoyed roaming the aisles comparing tool prices, whereas clients, Lorna and Dulcie enjoyed a coffee at the Bunnings cafe, chatting about how much things have changed over the years.

Once everyone had the opportunity to wander around the store for awhile, everyone sat down together to enjoy a morning tea.

Scones with jam and cream were provided by the cafe, and client, Betty commented on how nice and fresh the scones were.

On the way home, many clients were eagerly asking when their next trip out would be.

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