18 May 2021

Buongiorno to Jack and Rosie at Arcare Warriewood

Rosie has been working in our Arcare Warriewood community since it opened in 2019.

Starting in the Environmental team, Rosie is now lending a hand to the Lifestyle team.

“I love being part of the Lifestyle team and working at Arcare Warriewood; you talk to the residents and when they smile at you, it just makes you feel good,”

Rosie first met Jack and his family when she was tidying up his suite.

“I saw that his last name was Cafini and thought to myself, ‘He must be Italian!’,”

And when Rosie found out that Jack’s real name is Emidio, she knew it was meant to be.

Jack and Rosie converse in their native tongue of Italian and this has helped both of them to celebrate their culture and reminisce on their hometowns.

However, their dialects differ because they are from different regions.

Rosie explained that this is the reason why Italians use a lot of their hands to communicate and express what they are feeling.

And speaking Italian with Jack is especially important to him as he lost his eyesight during a work accident.

“I went to help my old boss on a job and was in an explosion involving gelignite and I have been blind since June 1967,” Jack shared.

During a period of lockdown in our community, Jack was deeply affected as he dearly missed his daughters’ visits.

So, Rosie made it a point to chat with him and keep him company.

“Rosie is always looking after me,” Jack said.

And Rosie thoroughly enjoys talking to Jack too as she gets the opportunity to practice her Italian.

“Jack is what we would say in Italian a ‘Cavagliere’; he is the perfect gentlemen, always very sweet and respectful,”

“When we first met, he gave me a kiss on the hand. It is his gentlemanly way showing respect for ladies,”

Our Arcare Warriewood community boasts a number of multilingual residents, such as Florence who can speak five languages – French, Italian, English, Latin and more.