28 October 2019

Bus trip to Daisy Hill Koala Sanctuary with Arcare Slacks Creek

On a beautiful weekday, the clients from Arcare Slacks Creek’s Balmoral community had the chance to go on a scenic bus ride to a location of their choice.

And they picked the nearby Daisy Hill Koala Sanctuary!

On the way there, they excitedly discussed the type of animals they grew up with and the animals they would love to see.

Once we got to our destination, we could instantly smell the fragrance of eucalyptus trees and the cool, clean air.

“How nice would it be to lie down on this grass and just take a nap?” a client commented.

We could hear the trees rustling as the wind blew past and we all looked up to see if there were any koalas hidden among the leaves.

In the end, we did not manage to see any koalas during our excursion.

However, we did spot a few kangaroos and wallabies, busily hopping around and finding food.

“The wallabies are so adorable! Can we take one home with us?” the clients joked.

As always, we stopped by the local Maccas on our way back for some delicious ice cream.

The weekly bus trips at Arcare Slacks Creek are a great way to get some fresh air, experience something different and make new friends!

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