12 August 2019

A sip of coffee and a dollop of friendship

Melbourne’s cafe culture is truly unique to that of the rest of the world. A strong appreciation for a good brew and love of the cafe experience, is what defines Melbourne’s cafe culture.

Whether you prefer a cappuccino, latte, flat white, long black, mocha or chai etc., you can always enjoy your coffee at a cafe. Coffee is something that brings people together.

For many Melbournians, visiting a cafe to get a coffee, is a cherish part of the everyday routine. Coffee can be ordered to-go or enjoyed at a leisurely pace, however it is the interactions during this time, which can create and define friendships.

Arcare Carnegie client, Elaine enjoys taking her daily stroll to the in-house cafe, to sit and appreciate a warm cup of coffee. However Elaine doesn’t just make the trip for the delicious coffee, she also goes for the lovely company, of the barista, Tina.

Tina’s professional skills and charming personality, first captured Elaine’s attention one morning, when she made and served Elaine her normal latte, with a little bit of extra love of the side, a free chocolate snowball. Elaine appreciated the kind gesture, and this started the beginnings of a close friendship.

The pair began chatting about their lives and soon found common ground. Elaine said, “I can get a coffee anywhere, I can make myself for that matter, however it’s my chats with Tina, that keep me coming back time and time again.”

Melbourne’s warm cafe culture is evident at Arcare Carnegie’s in-house cafe, and coffee has truly brought Elaine and Tina closer together.

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